Our writers’ Premier League predictions

With the new Premier League season starting tonight, we’ve asked a selection of our writers to give their predictions for the upcoming season.

Giving their opinion we have: Raven, Luke, Matt, George, MasroorAlec, Nathan and Ashwin.

How do you think the top 7 will look?

Raven: 1st – Man City, 2nd – Man Utd, 3rd – Arsenal, 4th – Chelsea, 5th – Liverpool, 6th – Spurs, 7th – Everton

I think this will be a year for the Manchester teams. Both have had a year for their manager’s tactics to settle in and transfer players to fit their philosophy. Chelsea were fortunate a lot last season & Spurs could struggle at Wembley. Everyone will underestimate Arsenal, which is when they are at their best.

Luke: 1st – Chelsea, 2nd – Man City, 3rd – Arsenal, 4th – Spurs, 5th – Man Utd, 6th – Liverpool, 7th – Everton.

Chelsea’s depth isn’t as horrific as people make out and I can see a few more signings being made. I still think they have the strongest starting XI. Man City had a productive transfer window where they’ve plugged holes and improved the squad a lot.

Arsenal have got a lot of squad depth to deal with the Europa League and focus on Premier League. If Spurs were still at White Hart Lane they’d be higher up. Wembley could be difficult for them, but the right team could use it massively in its advantage.

It will surprise people I don’t have Man United in my top 4 and I’m ready to be proven wrong. I could easily see them falling apart and being a very awkward side that draws a lot of games again and slips up in a few must-win games.

Liverpool have a strong team and I’m looking forward to seeing Salah in the Premier League again. However, with Coutinho probably leaving and the inevitable injury problems and poor midweek form I’m putting Liverpool 6th.

The top 6 is pretty certain other than the order and Everton will struggle to get into it. They could get close but with the loss of Lukaku and a low expected goal difference last year I couldn’t put them any higher.

Matt: 1st – Man City, 2nd – Chelsea, 3rd – Arsenal, 4th – Man Utd, 5th – Spurs 6th – Liverpool, 7th – Everton

After a full season of Pep Guardiola’s coaching I expect City to move to another level this year, especially with Gabriel Jesus and new signings Walker and Mendy. If Pep can keep his squad injury free they’ll be a difficult team to beat. Spurs have failed to invest after another decent season and may find them overtaken this year by improving squads.

George: 1st – Man City, 2nd – Man Utd, 3rd – Chelsea, 4th – Spurs, 5th – Arsenal, 6th – Liverpool, 7th – Leicester

I think Man City will be too strong now that they’ve strengthened their defence. Liverpool and Chelsea have the Champions League to deal with, so I think that will affect their league form. Free from European distractions, I can see Leicester getting 7th place.

Masroor: 1st – Man City, 2nd – Man Utd, 3rd – Arsenal, 4th – Chelsea, 5th – Spurs, 6th – Liverpool, 7th – Everton

Man City had good underlying numbers last season but defence and attack let them down at times. They have made good signings which makes them favourites for me. Man Utd have made some good signings but have still have not addressed some key issues in the team, which will hinder their title run. Chelsea and Spurs have been disappointing in the transfer market for me, thus Arsenal have a great chance to finish above them. Liverpool have not improved their midfield and defence whilst Everton are best of the rest for me.

Alec: 1st – Man City, 2nd – Chelsea, 3rd – Man Utd, 4th – Spurs, 5th – Liverpool, 6th – Everton, 7th – Arsenal

Man City have the best side in my opinion and only injuries can stop them from winning the title.

Nathan: 1st – Man City, 2nd – Spurs, 3rd – Man Utd, 4th – Chelsea, 5th – Liverpool, 6th – Arsenal, 7th – Southampton

City’s second-half-of-season performances, underlying numbers and busy transfer window makes them unavoidable favourites. The rest make difficult guesses with Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool all starting the season with thin squads and a couple more weeks left of the transfer window.

Everton are largely regarded as a lock for 7th but I don’t think the large amount they’ve spent this window makes up for the loss of Romelu Lukaku.

Ashwin: 1st – Man City, 2nd – Man Utd, 3rd – Chelsea, 4th – Spurs, 5th – Liverpool, 6th – Arsenal, 7th – Everton.

I’m almost certain the title will go to Manchester this season. City and United have the best managers in the world working with huge cheque books. Even as a Chelsea fan, I don’t think we can do it again this season, and it might be different for Tottenham at Wembley. I’ve slightly underrated Arsenal’s chance though. They have quality and depth.


Will it be Pep’s year in the Premier League?


Which teams are you tipping to be relegated?

Raven: 18th – Swansea, 19th – Burnley, 20th – Huddersfield

Huddersfield’s xG against last year wasn’t good. I hope I’m wrong, but I think the Premier League will punish them. Burnley won’t keep out goals as the did last year. I’m split between Swansea & Palace, however Palace edge it on quality.

Luke: 18th – Watford, 19th – Stoke, 20th – Huddersfield

Watford have a few nice signings in midfield but Deeney has missed Ighalo and I don’t see Gray hitting the back of the net enough to save them.

Who is going to score the goals for Stoke? Can’t rely on Crouch and Berahino has ruined his own, once bright looking, career. I do like Choupo-Moting though and will be interesting how their season goes.

Although I’m happy for Huddersfield they feel out of place in the Premier League. Very low budget and didn’t set the Championship alight and weren’t expected to go up. Can’t see them doing well even if I’d like them to.

Matt: Huddersfield, Burnley and Swansea in no particular order.

Huddersfield will struggle to keep up with the pace of the big boys in a new league. Burnley and Swansea narrowly avoided the drop last year and this may be the season they stop circling the plug hole before being dumped down into the Championship.

George – 18th Swansea–, 19th –Burnley, 20th – Huddersfield

I don’t think Huddersfield will perform badly necessarily, but I can’t see them staying up. Burnley have lost two key players – Andre Gray and Michael Keane – so they’ll probably score fewer and concede more. It will be very tight for the last relegation spot but I can see it going to a Sigurdsson-less Swansea.

Masroor – 18th Burnley–, 19th –Stoke, 20th – Brighton

Burnley had a great home form last season don’t think they would repeat it this season. Stoke is just a hunch! Among the promoted teams I think Newcastle and Huddersfield are well prepared to stay up.

Alec: 18th – Watford, 19th – Burnley, 20th – Huddersfield. I feel that any of Watford, Burnley, Newcastle or Brighton could be relegated alongside Huddersfield. I think Swansea will bounce back from their poor season with the addition of Tammy Abraham.

Nathan: 18th – West Ham, 19th – Stoke, 20th – Brighton

Promoted teams Huddersfield and Brighton seem to have had smart summers while Newcastle carry reasonable spending power and the Benitez factor. Based purely on their promotion season, Huddersfield appear the weakest but their counter-pressing style should suit the underdog situation they’ll find themselves in each weekend. From the established sides; Stoke’s aging squad, West Ham’s questionable recruitment and Swansea’s narrow escape make them favourites to go down if the newcomers prove strong.

Ashwin: 18th – Brighton, 19th – Stoke, 20th – Burnley.

I love Dyche and I don’t want Burnley to go down, but it looks like that’s the case. Stokelona has been boring these years, so I don’t mind them going down. Anyway, I’m not confident about any of my guesses!


Can David Wagner defy the predictions and keep Huddersfield up?


Who do you think will win the Golden Boot?

Raven: Lukaku. Because I don’t trust Aguero to stay fit for more than 20 games this season.

Luke: Harry Kane – Scores for fun, just needs to stay fit and enjoy Wembley.

Matt: Agüero, if he can keep fit this year will be one to watch but will face competition from Kane and new boy Lacazette.

George: Kane. It’s hard to look past him. He’s won the past two Golden Boots and I expect him to complete the hattrick.

Masroor: Agüero.

Alec: Lukaku. He was unlucky to lose the Golden Boot last year. He’s a safe pick.

Nathan: Harry Kane. Back-to-back current holder Harry Kane did hugely over-perform xG last season to retain his crown but everything about him points to a certain over-performance (if a lesser one). Add that to a relatively injury free season and he has to be the pick.

Ashwin: Harry Kane. Just think he’s the future. I don’t like Lukaku that much, and I’m sure Spurs will score more goals than United this season. Aguero can win it too, if he keeps fit.


Will Harry Kane complete a Golden Boot hattrick?


Who will get the most assists?

Raven: De Bruyne. City will score a lot of goals this season. I’m sure De Bruyne will play a big part in that.

Luke: Kevin De Bruyne – Creates chances for fun and has a lot of great options to set up.

Matt: Kevin De Bruyne, with City playing fast attacking football he will likely be in the thick of it.

George: De Bruyne. With Man City title favourites they will score loads of goals and KDB will be the man to assist them. He had the highest expected assists in the league last season.

Masroor: De Bruyne

Alec: De Bruyne. He will have so many options and got the most last year.

Nathan: Kevin De Bruyne. Assists are a poor measure of general creativity, rarely reflect quality chance creation and show poor repeatability between seasons. Still, KDB, right?

Ashwin: Kevin De Bruyne. The guy’s amazing. He’s my favourite player in the PL outside Chelsea. Let’s see what he can do in a second season Pep team.


Kevin De Bruyne is everyone’s tip for the most assists.


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