The Chance Analytics Data Visualization Competition

Data without visualization is just a list of incomprehensible numbers. A good data viz can tease out information, tell a story, and make data memorable. When it comes to football, visualization is crucial. It can make data and football more accessible and interesting to a larger audience (like what Ted Knutson did with the radar) and aid the player/opposition scouting process at clubs.

There aren’t any events in which soccer data (f)analysts compete and show off their skills (apart from the OptaPro Forum, which isn’t really a competition). A fun creative exercise can inspire others and go a long way in contributing to the general standard of content in soccer analytics.

So we at Chance Analytics decided to organize a little data viz competition.

The Data

One season of Chinese Super League chance data from Stratagem Technologies.

The Process

  1. Email me at thefutebolist[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested in participating and I’ll send you a copy of the data.
  2. Visualize the data. It can be any kind of viz, and about any aspect of the data set.
  3. Send me the finished file (preferably .png or .jpg) by December 7th, 2017. In the submission email, provide answers to the following questions:
  • What are you trying to communicate with this viz?
  • Who is your target audience? People working in the player/opposition scouting process at clubs or the average fan?
  1. Voting will take place from December 9th to December 21st. Voters won’t know who made what. The results will be revealed on December 20th.

The Prize

The winner will receive access to StrataBet, an app from Stratagem that provides you with betting signals, for a month. Now, I understand that many of you either live in places where betting is illegal, or think that betting is immoral, so it’s optional.

You’ll also feature on a permanent page on our website with a link to your social media page, and get loads of recognition. Plus, as a participant or even as a voter, you’ll be raising the quality of soccer data viz! Looking forward to hearing from you!



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