Chance Analytics is a website dedicated to offering football analytics enthusiasts the chance (hence the name) to get wider exposure.

This site open for anybody to submit articles to, so if you are interested in writing for the site head over to our contact page and get in touch with us.

The site is primarily for analytics content, but we’ll accept tactical pieces and any other academic football articles as well. The only articles that we stay clear of are ones with no analysis, just subjective drivel which you can find anywhere on the internet.

We also have a content partnership with Eastbridge, a bespoke sports betting brokerage, so keep an eye on the ‘Insights‘ page of their website and their twitter account as some of our articles will occasionally appear on their site.

We are currently working on trying to gain access to detailed data sources, which we will be providing to those who write consistently for the site.

We also have plans to go global and expand into different languages, because at the moment we can only help those who are English speakers gain exposure. We have plans to set up sites in 6 other languages (French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish & Vietnamese

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Chance Analytics is a collaborative football analytics blog, home to articles written by aspiring analysts. Our aim is to offer football analytics enthusiasts the chance to get wider exposure.