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Introducing pELO Ratings

With the summer break giving many analysts time to refine their models and peruse the transfer gossip, we have been hard at work developing a new metric for evaluating players across Europe’s top five leagues.

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Player Behaviour and Involvement- How Spurs Attack

Tottenham had another successful season and qualified for the Champions League and put pressure on the eventual champions. Spurs scored the most goals in the Premier League this season with 86.

Four players really stood out for Spurs in attack: Eriksen, Son, Kane and Alli. The aim of this article is to look at the importance and behaviour of these four players.

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How to be a Football Analyst – Interview with Nick Gearing

Interview by SideLineTeamTalk

Nick Gearing is Head of Analysis at League 2 Leyton Orient and runs courses for aspiring analysts. If you’ve ever wondered what analysts do or if you could be one then this will be perfect for you and, we hope, very insightful.

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In Search Of a Midfield Destroyer

By Conor Murphy –  @murphycon


The role played by N’Golo Kante in winning back to back league titles for two different clubs has brought attention to the value of a midfield destroyer. This type of player is proactively looking to win the ball back for his team. He’s not happy to sit and wait, screening in front of the defence and hoping to make an interception (I’m looking at you Michael Carrick). The midfield destroyer is going after the ball and he’s going to get it back. He puts in a lot of tackles and sometimes makes interceptions. Then, when he has the ball, he plays a simple pass to a team mate and his team retain possession. There’s no point in winning the ball back just to give it away again.

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Water Carrying for Galacticos

The Spice Boy


Younger readers will know Steve McManaman as a an analyst on BT Sports football programmes. Those of us of the Fantasy Football generation will remember McManaman as an assist machine for Liverpool – a key member of the “Spice Boys” as Liverpool transformed from serial winners to glamorous bridesmaids through the 1990’s.

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Chelsea’s Almost Impeccable Defence

Chelsea are on top of the table, and a lot of Chelsea’s success should be attributed to Antonio Conte, for his 3-4-3 formation, which has started a trend in the Premier League. With the most goals in the league and the third-lowest goals conceded, even the most pessimistic Chelsea fan is certain that Chelsea will lift the Premier League title.

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How to Beat Chelsea

How to Beat Chelsea – @Alexthfc04

When Manchester United beat Chelsea with 2-0 it marked Chelsea’s third loss in this calendar year. While the loss at home against Crystal Palace was more of a freak result, the losses in Manchester and in Tottenham have been games where Antonio Conte’s men were effectively shut out. Time to look at both games and ask the question if and how much either of them can be a blueprint when it comes to beating Chelsea.

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