A TSR Variation – DZTSR

Luke Griffin@SL_TeamTalk

This is going to be a short article about a metric I thought of today, similar to TSR. I want to keep it short and sweet, so enjoy.

Total Shots Ratio (TSR) is a metric I’ve written about here. It is an commonly used metric as it has a strong correlation with Goal Difference and points. If you outshoot your opponents you’re likely to win. It is also useful to use in match predictions. I recommend you read the article linked above to understand it if you’re not familiar with it.

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Tippeligaen Total Shots Ratio – TSR

Luke Griffin@SL_TeamTalk

For a while I’ve been considering specialising on a foreign league to make my site different and to have my own niche. Leagues like Cyprus First Division and the Danish Superliga sprung to mind, but I don’t have any stats available for those leagues. This week WhoScored made the Norwegian Tippeligaen’s stats publicly available on their site.

I’ve always had an affinity towards Scandinavia so Norway is a good league for my to specialise in I think. I’m very new to the Tippeligaen so my knowledge isn’t good at all yet but as I intend to watch more and more of it so I’m sure I’ll get to grips with the league. If you know any Tippeligaen blogs then let me know on twitter – @SL_TeamTalk.

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Portugal v France: Closer Than You Think

Ed Shorthouse@ed_shorthouse

In the build-up to the Euro 2016 Final, the hype has primarily been around France. This is obviously understandable; they’ve had a nearly flawless record, winning 5 out of their 6 games, drawing the other. They’ve scored the most goals (13) and created the most chances (88, equal with Germany) throughout the competition. They have arguably the two top performers so far in Payet and Griezmann, and the final is also on home soil.

However, I’m going to look into the two teams in more depth to see whether it is justified for be playing down Portugal so much. To do so I’m going to compare the two sides’ expected goals figures.

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Transfer window dilemmas for Leicester City

George Ball @GeorgeBall95

What a season 2015/16 was for Leicester City. Claudio Ranieri’s team surpassed all pre-season expectations and secured the Premier League title. But what happens now for Leicester? They have the additional challenge of the Champions League, and will attempt to defend the title. Before that there is the small matter of the summer transfer window. Looking at Leicester’s squad and the unprecedented position the club finds themselves in, there are a number of issues which make it this transfer window, and those that follow it, crucial to the future success of Leicester City.

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Interview with Professional Data Analyst Joel Salamon

Luke Griffin@SL_TeamTalk

Do you want to work in professional football as a data analyst? Well, hopefully this can help you. SideLineTeamTalk conducted a short, casual interview with professional data analyst Joel Salamon about his job in data analytics with the aim to help aspiring analysts find out more about how to get into the field of professional data analytics in football.

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Expected Goals Explained (xG)

Luke Griffin@SL_TeamTalk

Expected goals (xG) is a tool to value the probability of a shot resulting in a goal. Each xG value is the chance of that shot being scored. For example: 0.156 xG = 15.6% likelihood of that shot being scored. By having a database of shots a xG model will work out how important each variable is in a shot being scored. The database takes into account a variety of variables of the shot which will be covered later.

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