Understanding Zizou’s Success: How Squad Rotation Can Be studied

Vignesh Velu – @noobiefootball

I developed a model to study squad rotation. I looked into every team’s squad rotation in La Liga.

The playing time of players is always tricky. Too much players will end up having injuries or exhausted for the final stages. Too little it affects the players’ development or their confidence. It is always essential to find the right amount of minutes. They are not Supermen (apart from a few). It is a far more critical thing if you are in multiple competitions. A player becoming injured without a clear replacement will make it worse for teams.

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500 Word Scouting – Dušan Tadić

The 28 year old Serbian attacking midfielder has been representing Southampton for the past three seasons helping the Saints finish 7th, 6th and 8th respectively in those seasons. I chose to write about Tadic as I see him get abuse from Southampton fans and feel he gets little media attention. He joined the south coast side in 2014 after a great season with Twente in Holland where he produced this attacking output:

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The Science Behind the Perfect Penalty

By Freddie Wilson – @thewonderofmu

The Placement of Penalties

The award of a penalty brings the expectation among fans of a goal, but what does the data tell us about the specific probabilities of success?

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Analysing Transfers 2013-15

Photo: Matt Boulton / Chance illustration

Perhaps more than ever, this transfer window has been dominated by debates over the value of football transfer fees. My initial aim was inspired by Everton’s quick start in the transfer window, buying Jordan Pickford, Davy Klaassen and Michael Keane in a price range of £20-25m, with hot takes declaring Everton had the best transfer window out of all Premier League clubs. Then we had that Neymar fee, was it a fair fee considering footballs hyperinflation or is he is entirely overvalued? And the Siggurdsson Saga finally reached its finale, after we discussed every set piece he has ever kicked, as he moved to Everton for around £45m.

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Newcastle: 2017/18 Season Preview

By John-Paul@AttackingCB


After relegation in 15/16, Newcastle bounced straight back to the Premier League by winning the Championship in dramatic fashion last season. With Rafa Benitez opting to continue as manager and strong investment in the squad, many expected Newcastle to stroll through the Championship but in reality, it is simply not as easy as that – Newcastle are only the second team to go straight back up automatically in the last 7 seasons. You only need to look to Aston Villa and Norwich to see how difficult it can be to rebuild so they should be given credit for getting it right.

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A Pre-Season profile: Manchester City

By Alex Dodgshon

Does buying the most expensive ingredients make you a better meal?

Much of the talk of the summer transfer window has been about City’s big spending. Whilst comical comparisons have been made between City’s spending and some countries’ annual defence budget, these are fruitless when looking at Premier League revenue. The money is there to be spent, and it has been.

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Our writers’ Premier League predictions

With the new Premier League season starting tonight, we’ve asked a selection of our writers to give their predictions for the upcoming season.

Giving their opinion we have: Raven, Luke, Matt, George, MasroorAlec, Nathan and Ashwin.

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