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An Introduction to Expected Saves (xS)

By Raven Beale – @sbourgenforcer

I’m not sure if someone has already written about this or not. If you have, credit to you!

This article assumes an understanding of the flagship metric of the analytics movement xG (Expected Goals). I would advise reading this, this, and this if you are not familiar with the concept.

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How to be a Football Analyst – Interview with Nick Gearing

Interview by SideLineTeamTalk

Nick Gearing is Head of Analysis at League 2 Leyton Orient and runs courses for aspiring analysts. If you’ve ever wondered what analysts do or if you could be one then this will be perfect for you and, we hope, very insightful.

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What’s up with Leicester?

After the triumph of last season, Leicester City find themselves sitting in a disappointing 14th spot in the Premier League after 11 games. So, what’s happened? How much worse are they performing compared to last season? How much of an effect has the loss of N’Golo Kanté had? Are the additional Champions League games proving a distraction? I’ll investigate these questions, looking at the numbers to try and find answers.

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