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Finding Liverpool a Good Keeper

Let’s start with a statement that looks pretty obvious: Liverpool have an awful defense.

While it may look like their bad defense is down to the incompetence of Liverpool’s individual defenders, it’s largely down to the high-pressing system favored by Jurgen Klopp that’s gone awry this season. When the first line of press is broken (which has happened many times this season), the ball gets into dangerous areas because of the vacant spaces left behind. This leads to tricky situations for the Liverpool backline.

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An Introduction to Expected Saves (xS)

By Raven Beale – @sbourgenforcer

I’m not sure if someone has already written about this or not. If you have, credit to you!

This article assumes an understanding of the flagship metric of the analytics movement xG (Expected Goals). I would advise reading this, this, and this if you are not familiar with the concept.

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