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An Introduction to Expected Saves (xS)

By Raven Beale – @sbourgenforcer

I’m not sure if someone has already written about this or not. If you have, credit to you!

This article assumes an understanding of the flagship metric of the analytics movement xG (Expected Goals). I would advise reading this, this, and this if you are not familiar with the concept.

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The Best Full-back in the World: Emerson Palmieri

There is something about Brazil and great full-backs, isn’t there? Recent World Cup outings of Brazil often featured the greatest full-backs in the world, such as Carlos Alberto, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Maicon, and Dani Alves. They practically redefined the position, making it more attacking-oriented and creative.  Even now, the full-back position is ruled by brilliant Brazilians. Marcelo, an aging Dani Alves, Danilo, and Alex Sandro are some well-known full-backs.

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How are Middlesbrough Performing this Season?

After 12 games newly promoted Middlesbrough sit in 15th place with 11 points. They are one point from the relegation zone and have scored just 10 goals while conceding 13. While not supporting a single Premier League team I do have a soft spot for Middlesbrough, and this made me want to have a look at how they are performing.

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What’s up with Leicester?

After the triumph of last season, Leicester City find themselves sitting in a disappointing 14th spot in the Premier League after 11 games. So, what’s happened? How much worse are they performing compared to last season? How much of an effect has the loss of N’Golo Kanté had? Are the additional Champions League games proving a distraction? I’ll investigate these questions, looking at the numbers to try and find answers.

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At the Hart of it – Joe Hart’s Distribution


Since Pep Guardiola has taken charge of Manchester City, one big move that has been talked about a lot was replacing long serving, England number 1 for Claudio Bravo from his old club, Barcelona. Many people refer to Bravo’s passing and that’s why Pep likes him and that Hart’s distribution wasn’t good enough to cope in the new Manchester City team under Pep’s style. Continue reading At the Hart of it – Joe Hart’s Distribution

Julian Brandt – Statistical Profiling


Julian Brandt is a young German international winger who plays for Bayer Leverkusen. He is a 20 year old who has already played over 3,600 minutes of professional football in a top league, along with 700 minutes of European football. Brandt has represented Germany at every level from U15 to senior level and is European Golden Boy nominee this year. He is definitely a player to watch in the future. Continue reading Julian Brandt – Statistical Profiling

A TSR Variation – DZTSR

Luke Griffin@SL_TeamTalk

This is going to be a short article about a metric I thought of today, similar to TSR. I want to keep it short and sweet, so enjoy.

Total Shots Ratio (TSR) is a metric I’ve written about here. It is an commonly used metric as it has a strong correlation with Goal Difference and points. If you outshoot your opponents you’re likely to win. It is also useful to use in match predictions. I recommend you read the article linked above to understand it if you’re not familiar with it.

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