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The Final Four – a look at the World Cup semi-finalists

By Joel Parker (@Joelissimmo)

After 28 teams have been eliminated in 24 days, only four teams remain in the World Cup.

It has been the most entertaining tournament in my lifetime, producing an incredible group stage, more than enough shocks and the experience of watching a successful England team. What has made the last month so enjoyable, is that no country has shone above everybody else; arguably the most substandard competition for a long time. All the surviving teams have a number of issues throughout their systems, however, we have two very unpredictable semi-finals coming up. Here is my analysis on the last four.

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Julian Brandt – Statistical Profiling


Julian Brandt is a young German international winger who plays for Bayer Leverkusen. He is a 20 year old who has already played over 3,600 minutes of professional football in a top league, along with 700 minutes of European football. Brandt has represented Germany at every level from U15 to senior level and is European Golden Boy nominee this year. He is definitely a player to watch in the future. Continue reading Julian Brandt – Statistical Profiling

Expected Goals Explained (xG)

Luke Griffin@SL_TeamTalk

Expected goals (xG) is a tool to value the probability of a shot resulting in a goal. Each xG value is the chance of that shot being scored. For example: 0.156 xG = 15.6% likelihood of that shot being scored. By having a database of shots a xG model will work out how important each variable is in a shot being scored. The database takes into account a variety of variables of the shot which will be covered later.

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